Our Transfilm® is a non-dissolving patch system for dermal or transdermal delivery of your API.

Our Transfilm®

The delivery of a drug via a transdermal route offers the best of oral and intravenous administration.

Our Transfilm® patches offer consistent and controlled drug delivery, minimizing the risk of under- or overdosing. They also allow for reduced dosing frequency, resulting in better patient compliance.

Unlike intravenous drips or infusion pumps, our transdermal patches can be easily administered by patients themselves, without any restrictions on their activities.

Transfilm, topical or transdermal patch

Transdermal or topical patch

Transdermal drug delivery to the systemic circulation at a controlled and predictive rate with no first-pass effect.

Topical drug delivery for constant local relief with no oral drug intake.


Drug Delivery Route of transdermal and topical patches

Transfilm® Benefits

Easy for patients to use

No first-pass effect

Controlled Release

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