Rapidfilm® is an innovative oral dosage form that offers strong advantages to patients and combines the convenience of a liquid with the stability and dosing accuracy of a tablet. 

Our Rapidfilm®

The orodispersible Rapidfilm® works like a conventional or orodispersible tablet. The film is placed on the tongue and dissolves within a few seconds. The active ingredient is then swallowed along with saliva and takes the same route as a tablet, through the liver where the drug is metabolized.

Rapidfilm, fast dissolving film

Variation in formulation design

At AdhexPharma and Labtec, we are committed to providing our customers with tailored solutions for their medication needs. Our extensive range of formulation alternatives ensures that our Rapidfilm products can meet a variety of requirements, whether it be for fast-acting or slow-release medication.

In addition, we understand that unpleasant tastes can be a concern for patients, and that is why our team at Labtec is dedicated to masking the active ingredient, ensuring a palatable and effective medication experience.

Drug Delivery Route of Rapidfilm, a fast dissolving film

Rapidfilm® benefits

Ease of administration: 

  • Can be taken without water
  • No need of chewing or swallowing

Proven tolerability and proven patient acceptance: 

  • Exact dosing with no spitting out possible 
  • No choking 
  • Child-resistant and single packaging 
  • Guaranteed dose and treatment
  • Provides faster onset of action with buccal application
  • Can be administered to patients lying in bed without water
  • Reduces the number of drugs that need to be chewed or swallowed
  • Existing medication type, frequency, and dose can remain unchanged
  • Fulfills regulatory requirements, including the Paediatric Investigation Plan
  • Variety of doses available with only one formulation 
  • Multiple film options for different administration routes, including oral, lingual, sublingual, and buccal
  • Incorporates new technology for improved lifecycle management opportunities
Rapidfilm, created for specific patient groups
Ease of administration

New study reveals acceptance of oral films in neonates and infants

Publication of a study on the acceptance of oral films in paediatrics "Acceptability of an orodispersible film compared to syrup in neonates and infants: a randomized controlled trial”

(Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm, Volume 151, 2020, P. 239 ff)
V. Klingmann1; C. Pohly1; T. Meissner1; E. Mayatepek1; A. Moeltner2; K. Flunkert3; J. Breitkreutz4; HM. Bosse1

You can download the full article here:

Full article >
Acceptance of oral films in paediatrics

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