Interview: Patrick Amberg, Business Development Director

Meet Patrick Amberg, the mind behind the successful business development strategies at AdhexPharma and Labtec. With his extensive experience and expertise in the industry, Patrick has played a pivotal role in shaping the growth and success of AdhexPharma and Labtec. In this exclusive interview, we delve deep into Patrick's role at the companies and uncover his personal passions that drive his professional pursuits.

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What do you do at AdhexPharma?

Patrick: As AdhexPharma's Business Development Director, I'm responsible for developing a growth strategy focused on both financial gain and customer satisfaction, managing cross-functional teams to achieve our goals. By identifying and developing new business opportunities through attending events, improving AdhexPharma's online presence, creating corporate materials. But also by submitting comprehensive and competitive offers for our various services (contract development, contract manufacturing, analytical services and licensing opportunities) to start new exciting projects. My goal is to build long-term and successful relationships with our current clients.

What is your favourite technology and why?

Patrick: I prefer patches for 3 main reasons:

  1. I like the beauty of making something as difficult as skin penetration appear as easy as sticking a plaster on the skin. It takes a lot of expertise to formulate such a product.

  2. I like how convenient they are: no forgetting, and continuous API delivery for a smooth pharmacokinetic profile.

  3. I think there is great potential for patches: we are just scratching the surface of the molecules available.

Can you tell us three things on your bucket list?

Patrick: Of course!

  1. Traveling to Chili and Argentina with my family. And I would like to combine this goal with the objective of reducing my carbon footprint, which means being able to travel for 6 months/year, taking our time.

  2. Mastering "Big Love" by Lindsey Buckingham or "Crosses" by José Gonzàles on the guitar.

  3. Adopting the cat I promised my kids (one of the few mistakes I made 😉)


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