Interview: Bruno Loiseau, Managing Director

Meet Bruno Loiseau, the driving force behind Adhexpahrma's remarkable success. Under his leadership, we achevied significant milestones and strengthened our position as experts in the development and manufacturing of for both patches and oral films. In this exclusive interview, Bruno will be answering three important questions, giving you a glimpse into his role and passions.

3 Questions to Bruno Loiseau


What do you do at AdhexPharma?

Bruno: As the Managing Director, I'm responsible for developing and implementing AdhexPharma's business strategies. My main focus is on ensuring our annual budget is well-prepared and effectively monitored. By meeting budget targets, maximizing revenue flows, and minimizing fixed costs, I strive to drive the success of AdhexPharma.

What is your favourite technology and why?

Bruno: I have a strong affinity for both patches and oral films. Their ease of administration, especially for children and elderly patients, is truly remarkable. These innovative methods have consistently shown excellent tolerability and acceptance among patients, making them incredibly valuable in our industry.

Can you tell us three things on your bucket list?

Bruno: Here are three aspirations that are important to me:

  1. Writing a novel.
  2. Reinforcing AdhexPharma's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by involving our employees, suppliers and customers. 
  3. Conquering the challenging "l'intégrale de l'arête de Peuterey" to reach the summit of Mont Blanc, an exciting climb.


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