AdhexPharma continues integration of Labtec GmbH with appointment of new managing director

Press Release 

May 15, 2022, Chenôve, France — AdhexPharma S.A.S. (“AdhexPharma”), a leading pharmaceutical CDMO specializing in patches and oral films, announces that Ralf Kibele has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Labtec GmbH, the company’s subsidiary in Germany. This appointment comes as AdhexPharma continues to consolidate its operations and further integrate Labtec GmbH, which became a part of the AdhexPharma family following its acquisition six months ago. 

Ralf Kibele, who previously served as Head of Operations at Labtec GmbH, has  over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in transdermal and oral films drug delivery systems and contract manufacturing services. Ralf Kibele's appointment reflects AdhexPharma's commitment to growing its business and providing innovative drug delivery solutions to its clients. 

Bruno Loiseau, Managing Director of AdhexPharma, said: "We are pleased to appoint Ralf Kibele as the new Managing Director of Labtec GmbH. Ralf's expertise and proven track record of success in the pharmaceutical industry, coupled with his in-depth knowledge of Labtec GmbH and its operations, make him the ideal candidate for the role. We are confident that Ralf's leadership will enable Labtec GmbH to continue to grow and deliver high-quality services to our clients." 

Ralf Kibele added: "I am excited to take on the role of Managing Director of Labtec GmbH. I look forward to working with the talented team of professionals at Labtec GmbH and AdhexPharma to build on the company's strengths and drive growth. Our focus will remain on providing our clients with the best possible drug delivery solutions and delivering outstanding customer service." 

AdhexPharma's acquisition of Labtec GmbH has strengthened the company's presence in Germany, and this new appointment demonstrates AdhexPharma's commitment to integrating and expanding its operations in the country. The company is poised to build on its solid foundation and continue to provide its clients with innovative drug delivery solutions. 

About AdhexPharma S.A.S and Labtec GmbH 

AdhexPharma is a pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and manufacturing of transdermal patches, oral films and hard-to-make dosage forms. As such AdhexPharma provides its customers with an industrial, technology expertise and know-how in the formulation, development, and commercial production of such systems. It is cGMP compliant, for both Europe and US and can handle both highly potent APIs and narcotics. 

Founded in 2007 for the purpose of acquiring the transdermal patch unit of Solvay in France, AdhexPharma currently manufactures five approved products representing more than 80 million units per year. AdhexPharma is headquartered in Paris and operates industrial activities in facilities located south of Dijon, France. 

AdhexPharma is part of Burgundy Ventures, an independent French industrial holding, along with its sister company Adhex Technologies. 

Labtec GmbH is a subsidiary of AdhexPharma and serves as the R&D excellence center of the AdhexPharma group. Located in Germany, Labtec GmbH provides formulation, development, and contract manufacturing services for transdermal and topical patches, buccal and sublingual films. With its extensive experience and know-how, Labtec GmbH is well-positioned to support AdhexPharma's efforts to provide innovative drug delivery solutions to its clients.