AdhexPharma Announces Major Expansion with State-of-the-Art Facility in Chenôve, France

Press Release 

March 22, 2024, Chenôve, France — AdhexPharma S.A.S. (“AdhexPharma”), a leading pharmaceutical CDMO specializing in patches and oral films, is pleased to unveil its plans for a cutting-edge new facility in Chenôve, France. This initiative underscores AdhexPharma's ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry.

In collaboration with local partners Groupe Guiton (Engineering/building), Studio Mustard (Architect), and Croqüs (Energy efficiency consultants), AdhexPharma is embarking on the construction of a new 8000m² building. This strategic project, seamlessly integrated into the group's growth strategy, will include production units, storage facilities, quality control and R&D laboratories, and administrative offices, forming a center of pharmaceutical excellence.

The future facility, spanning three levels with two dedicated to production, illustrates AdhexPharma's commitment to maximizing efficiency while adhering to the most stringent environmental standards. In accordance with the 2020 Environmental Regulation (RE2020), the building will be meticulously insulated to minimize energy consumption and comply with the highest standards of sustainable construction.

In a nod to architectural innovation, AdhexPharma's new facility will feature tertiary spaces constructed with a wooden framework, combining functionality and eco-friendly design. Additionally, it will harness renewable energies by installing solar panels to promote energy self-sufficiency. Notably, the recovery of residual heat from manufacturing processes will enhance energy efficiency, thus reducing environmental impact.

This initiative coincides with AdhexPharma's selection as a prequalified candidate for the "Industrialization and Health Capacities France 2030" project, underscoring the company's central role in the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing for essential and innovative medications.
"We are excited to embark on this transformative journey as we bring our cutting-edge facility to life" said Roland de la Brosse, President of AdhexPharma. "With an unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, we aim to set new standards in pharmaceutical production, driving positive change for our industry and our planet", added Bruno Loiseau, Managing Director. 

As construction prepares to kick off, AdhexPharma is actively planning to recruit 60 highly skilled professionals, enhancing its workforce, nurturing specialized skills, and propelling its mission of excellence forward.

Concurrently, AdhexPharma remains steadfastly committed to fostering collaboration with local partners and stakeholders, including France 2030, Métropole Dijon, Santenov, the Bourgogne Franche-Comté Region, the Regional Economic Agency BFC, and the city of Chenôve.

While this announcement marks a significant milestone in AdhexPharma's journey, it is essential to emphasize that the company remains firmly dedicated to ethical pharmaceutical practices. AdhexPharma reaffirms its absolute commitment to innovation, sustainability, and societal well-being, thus reiterating its unwavering dedication to promoting pharmaceutical excellence.

About AdhexPharma S.A.S and Labtec GmbH

AdhexPharma is a pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and manufacturing of transdermal patches, oral films and complex dosage forms. As such, AdhexPharma provides its customers with industrial technology expertise and know-how in the formulation, development, and commercial production of such delivery systems. It is cGMP compliant, for both Europe and US and can handle both highly potent APIs and narcotics.

Founded in 2007 for the purpose of acquiring the transdermal patch unit of Solvay in France, AdhexPharma currently manufactures eight approved products representing about 100 million units per year. AdhexPharma is headquartered in Paris and operates industrial activities in facilities located south of Dijon, France.

AdhexPharma is part of Burgundy Ventures, an independent French industrial holding, along with its sister company Adhex Technologies.

Labtec GmbH is a subsidiary of AdhexPharma and serves as the R&D excellence center of the AdhexPharma group. Located in Germany, Labtec GmbH provides formulation, development, and contract manufacturing services for transdermal and topical patches, buccal and sublingual films. With its extensive experience and know-how, Labtec GmbH is well-positioned to support AdhexPharma's efforts to provide innovative drug delivery solutions to its clients.

AdhexPharma and Labtec teams comprise more than 200 highly skilled professionals, with the ability to partner with Blue-chip Pharma companies as well as innovative start-ups in their drug development projects, bringing unique scientific, CMC and regulatory expertise in transdermal and oral films dosage forms. They are dedicated to being patient-oriented, easy-to-work-with, and pragmatic, ensuring seamless collaboration in advancing pharmaceutical innovations.