In November a strategic partnership between AdhexPharma SAS and AMW GmbH on AMW’s transdermal delivery systems technology platform and product portfolio was announced, combining the strengths of both companies in the field of TDS. Under the partnership, AMW will focus on development, marketing authorization and licensing of novel transdermal delivery systems. AdhexPharma will focus on the commercial manufacturing and lifecycle management of the products. AdhexPharma will take over the manufacturing equipment and the IP for AMW’s products Buprenorphine and Rivastigmine and following a transition phase of up to 30 months the contract manufacturing of these Products from AMW.

Both companies have built very good relationships and are looking to expand their cooperation. AMW has appointed AdhexPharma as preferred contract manufacturing organization to produce any new transdermal delivery system under development by AMW.

“This exciting partnership will provide a unique opportunity to leverage AMW’s transdermal product portfolio with AdhexPharma’s expertise and manufacturing capabilities to enable broader market and patient access for the products.” commented Dr. Konstantin Petropoulos, recently appointed CEO of AMW. “Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for us to focus on our fast-growing core business, the formulation, development, registration, selling and manufacturing of biodegradable implants.”

“With this partnership we will realize many synergies with the Rivastigmine product and broaden our portfolio with regards to the narcotic transdermal system Buprenorphine. By acquisition of the contract manufacturing business of AMW, we can continue and accelerate our successful growth path to become leading global patch manufacturer. This way we can support AMW with sufficient capacity for future transdermal products to come” said Roland de la Brosse, President of AdhexPharma.